The humble potato has been sitting side of plate for too long! Our flavourful Aussie potatoes are ready to take their place at centre-of-plate and centre-of-heart. Love Potatoes are freshly cooked and ready to eat or heat straight out of the packet for a meal in minutes!

Love Beets

Our Story

Love Potatoes were inspired by our popular Love Beets fresh cooked beetroot. Using the same technology, Love Potatoes were born bringing new life and lots of flavour to the potatoes Aussies have been eating for centuries. Aussie grown potatoes are enhanced with delicious flavors of Garlic & Herb and Salt & Pepper then sealed and cooked in their packets. The vacuum-seal cooking process locks in the flavor and goodness of Love Potatoes and means they can be stored at room-temperature for up to 4 months, providing the perfect pantry staple!

Love Potatoes are tasty and ready to eat straight out of the packet, added to salads, microwaved, roasted or pan-fried. For more fun ideas and cooking tips visit our Recipes page.

Australian Love Potatoes is proudly part of the OneHarvest family of companies. OneHarvest is an Australian, family owned business, having delivered fresh produce to Australians for around 30 years.